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Two Other Presidents:

                                                                        René Barrientos Ortuño 1964-1969

 Gualberto Villarroel  1943-1946

Gualberto Villarroel López was an intelligent but lackluster army major who took office as president in December 1943 following a joint military/civilian, bloodless coup in which the  MNR party played a major role. Tragically, radical, ruthless elements among Villarroel's military colleagues reacted to political opponents with excessive repressive measures, utltimately precipitating so much unrest that in July 1946 a mob burst into the Presidential Palace, shot Villarroel, and hanged his corpse from a lamppost in the Plaza Murillo.
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René Barrientos Ortuño  became president of Bolivia in a military coup that ousted President Paz in November 1964.
Barrientos was a flamboyant air force general noted for his 
ability to speak the Indian language of Quechua and 
frequent helicopter trips to rural areas.
In 1969 President Barrientos died in a helicopter crash of suspicious cause.

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